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The Blessing of Social Media Friends

I know that the words Facebook friends might sound trite to some people. After all, how many “friends” can you really have? Twenty-five, one hundred or one thousand? We call these folks friends. Many of them are simply acquaintances. But they do become a sort of friend too. They get a glimpse into our lives that the whole world doesn’t see. Our news feeds together show stories and photos of what is important to each of us in our own world. It gives us insight into what values and ideas people have, whether we agree with them or not.

I realize that it may not the best way to have friends or meet people but it IS one way. I still treasure my super close friends that I’ve met through the years and keep up with through meetings and real phone conversations. But I also am starting to be aware of the opportunity to meet people this way too–online. In the past year or so, because of mutual friends, facebook live classes I’ve taken, and pages that I’ve liked, I have gained some new and sweet friends, most of which I’ve never seen face to face. I’ve found people that share some of the goals and values that I have. I’ve met fellow business entrepreneurs, voice teachers, musicians full time and part time, people who share my faith, people who share my politics, and many more.

What I’m trying to say is that these new found friendships are encouraging to me. On the days when I feel frustrated or down or tired, some of these newer friends encourage me through their likes, comments, messages, and things they post on their business pages. I love that we have been drawn together through common core values and goals and interests. What is amazingly cool is that many are from other parts of the country–people whom I would probably never meet unless I lived near them. What a joy to connect this way.

Social media has also brought my long time friendships closer in ways where we physically live at a distance. Though I cannot travel often to see them (and in some cases almost never because they are in other countries), I can “see” them here on these modes of communication. I feel like I can “view” a little of what their life, city and country are like. I can pray for them when they share the hard things too.

All in all, I am grateful tonight for this way of cultivating news about my “friends”. I am aware that Facebook can frustrate people too, as well as create tension between some folks. But I am focusing on the good of this dispatch of information. I hope you will find some good in it too!



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