Ep 81 | The Benefits of Watching Yourself Singing | Tara B

In today’s episode,Tara chats about all the benefits that happen when you watch yourself singing—from connecting with an audience to keeping your voice healthy! 

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There are great reasons to look at a mirror to watch yourself singing. 

With a handheld mirror

1. It can allow you to see if there is any tension in your face. 

2. It allows you to see your face and what expressions you are creating visually. 

"With video…you often times are seeing very little of the person’s body and far more of their face and you want to make sure that it’s coming across—the emotion—whatever you are expressing.” 

With a full length mirror: 

  1. You can check out your posture of your whole body when you are singing. You can see if there is any tension in the rest of your body. 
  2. In performing, you can check out what needs to be done with your hands or if you want to do some kind of body choreography or expression. 

With recording yourself singing on video: 

  1. Watching yourself back lets you see yourself from the side view or the back view. 
  2. We can see on our performance if we are being consistent with our technique and your emotion—especially with a LIVE performance. 

“This isn’t about being critical in the sense of saying “look at everything I did wrong”—what it is is to say ‘let me critique myself and see what things I was doing really well and  what are some improvements I can make’. “ 

“A lot of singing healthier is simply that—being able to analyze what’s going on when something’s wrong, reset, and then make the change.” 

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