Episode 013 |Tara B | Freedom From Tension Pt 2 (The Tongue)

In this second episode of two, Tara discusses the ways the tongue can cause tension in our singing voice and make it feel or sound different. She helps singers know what to observe to see if there is any tension in the tongue and gives them some practical vocalises to make sure the tongue stays relaxed, loose and free. 

(1:10) The tongue is a muscular organ made up of 8 muscles connected to the hyoid bone. 

(3:19) Where the tongue is located during certain consonants: d or t —the tongue is by the aveolar ridge 

(3;47) k or g consonants—the back of the tongue lifts by our soft palate 

(4:31) th consonants voiced and unvoiced —the tip of the tongue is gliding 

(5:16) American r consonant — the  tongue is curled, retracted or half suspended 

(7:10) How can you tell if your tongue causes tension? There are at least two ways to tell: 

1. Grabbing your tongue while it is sticking out of your mouth and trying to keep it 

forward while you sing. 

2. Hold your hands in thumbs up position. Put your thumb under your chin and see if it 

feels hard or soft. 

(11:54) Exercises to help release tongue tension: 

1. Glay-glah.      Say it and then sing it 1-2-1-2-1-2-1 

(12:37) 2. Sticking your tongue out and holding it while doing arpeggios.    1-3-5-8-5-3-1 or 


(14:39) 3. Tip of tongue on the bottom front of your mouth by teeth. Keep it forward. Slide 

1-3-5-3-1 or 1-8-1 

(16:15) 4. (from Jacob Burton) Cover your bottom lip completely with your tongue. Sing  

1-2-1-3-1-4-1-5  5-4-5-3-5-2-5-1 

(16:54)  5. Say “yuk” without moving your jaw (from Singing for Dummies

(17:37) 6. Sing yah-yah-yah, etc    Sing without moving your jaw 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 

(18:24) 7. Yah-ee,  Sing slowly 1-3-5-3-1   Put your thumb back under your chin to check 


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