Episode 014 | Tara B | How to Practice Voice with Intention

In today’s episode, Tara focuses on what it is like to do a vocal practice time that benefits singers. She highlights steps to start—including deciding on how long your practices will be and how to go about implementing those vocal practices. This is so singers will be able to work through issues and make their rehearsal time count. 

(2:02) Practicing an instrument takes commitment. 

(3:00) Practicing helps us improve in the tiniest of details. 

(5:57) Having a voice teacher to go to can help motivate you to practice. 

(6:41) A typical practice: Decide on how often 

          3-4 times a week, for kids every day 

(7:52) Break down your times of practice to what works with your schedule 

            1. Decide on  how long you will practice in a given day—15 minutes to an hour 

(8:53)   2. Decide on which song you want to immerse yourself in that day. It can even be just a part of a song. 

(10:35) 3. Take time to warmup. 

(11:33) 4. Take a song and sing it through. Notice what things cause problems for you in the basic melody, rhythm and words, as well as where you breathe. 

(12:20) 5. Sing the song again and be aware of technique issues. When you figure out what might be some, work specifically on those issues until you feel like you are closer to them being resolved. 

(16:44) 6. If you have a longer practice scheduled, work on a second or third piece and or hard sections of those pieces. 

(17:15) 7. If you have extra time after doing the technical aspects, you can work through the expression—the dynamics, phrasing, etc. Also, if you have a foreign language piece, spend time then to learn the language pronunciation. 

(21:18) If you practice, you will improve! 

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