Episode 031 | Tara B | How to Sing Harmony Part 1

Today's episode explores that wonder called Harmony.  It takes some practice, but to the active listener or performer, harmony bursts out of its "shadow" and is found.  Tara gives example sound bites to help aid the listener to find that sometime-hidden harmony in so many songs.  You will learn the beginnings of harmony and that it really is an attainable goal - step by step. 

Tara’s own definition of Harmony  - "Musical harmony works well together - it fits and makes sense." 

The Beginnings:  Gregorian Chant —900 AD is made up of what we call monophonic music (one note at a time). 
1150 AD  Polyphony– more than one sound or harmony! Fourths and Fifths emerged in harmonies and is what we call Organum. 

The big question: why is harmony hard for people to find/sing?  1) Melody tends to dominate.  2) You did not grow up with it.  3) You may have not sung in choirs.  4) No choirs were offered.  5) Harmony is not natural. 

Harmony definitely can be learned!  Only takes some practice and time. 

Action Steps: 

1. PRACTICE ROUNDS. These are songs with one melody but sung at different times. 

2. START WITH:  Rounds with others or record yourself. 

3. LISTEN TO FAVORITE ARTIST for HARMONY:  pick out the harmony.

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