Episode 049 | Tara B | What does it take to be a good singer?

In today’s episode, Tara talks about the subject of being a good singer. What does that even mean and what really makes up a singer to say that they sing well? Listen here for today’s discussion on this often avoided topic. 

What does good singing mean? 

Good definition: “of a favorable character or tendency”,  “competent, skillful” 

Good singing might be more about a number of characteristics: 

  • Is the singer staying on pitch? 
  • Does the voice have a presence to the sound? 
  • Is the breath able to support the tone so that singing with dynamics is possible? 
  • Does the voice sound un-manipulated? 
  • Does the voice have an intrinsic tone that makes you want to pay attention the moment you hear them? 

People can grow into good singing! 

Each genre of music requires different qualities/characteristics of the voice. 

No one can pull off every style of singing! 

“Whatever qualities are natural in our voice and then added to with training, we still might only find a few genres that have that sweet spot that people love to hear.” 

How to find the genres that work for your voice: 

  • Listen to yourself in different genres and see what your own ear hears—if you like the sound or not. 
  • If you sing different styles, pay attention to how your voice feels when you perform those songs. 
  • Ask close friends to listen to types of songs that you sing that really resonate with them. 

“When a singer finds a genre that fits their voice, then they can do stellar singing.” 


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