Episode 52 | Tara B | Four of the Biggest Reasons People Don’t Sing

In today’s episode, Tara tackles some of the reasons that people don’t sing or stop singing. There is often a basis for people not engaging in an activity that seems like anyone could do. Singing has been going for thousands of years, but many people in today’s world do not engage in this practice. Why is that? Join Tara for a discussion about the causes and rationale behind no singing. 

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Most kids are willing to sing and are not self conscious about it. Something changes through the years for many people. 

Here are some reasons that people may not be singing any more or don’t continue: 

  1. Family culture—those where the parents are engaged in singing and encouraging music usually produce children who continue the practice. “When parents enjoy something, especially together, it often gets passed down to their kids”.   But those parents who don’t may influence children to not see that singing is a natural part of life. 
  2. Society and our culture towards singing. (THE USA)  Sports seems to take a precedence over music in schools. Many parents focus their children on taking all the right sports and making sure they are inundated with all the training and teams they can do. Sometimes in America, singing is not associated with manliness or coolness by certain people. In some churches, because of the music coming across as a concert more than a participatory time, people stop singing and just watch. With our US country becoming more secularized, less people go to church where there would normally be common public singing. In other countries, singing is more a part of a natural past time for more of the population. 
  3. People may stop singing because someone has said something very negative about their singing—often at an early age. Even some music teachers have used language that has harmed kids because they’ve told them they can’t sing or become better. 
  4. Our technology competes for our attention and often trumps people singing because they are doing other things online or their smartphones.  People in the past in America used to have singing as part of their gatherings—for dance, parties, and other get togethers. Even as late as the 40’s, many families had music a part of their past time at home. But then technology took over. 
  • Radio 
  • TV 
  • VCR’s, DVD players 
  • Laptops and the internet 
  • Smartphones 

We have to be intentional about singing and we can be examples to others in our country to encourage and foster singing! 

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