Episode 55 | Tara B | What to Do for Laryngitis as a Singer?

Here are the exercises you can get for free to practice with: 

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In today’s episode, Tara talks about one of the sicknesses singers dread the most: laryngitis. She talks about how we get it, what are the symptoms, and what we need to do to get better and in some cases, sing at at gig! 

What causes laryngitis?: 

(From the Mayo Clinic)—the vocal folds become inflamed through overuse, irritation or infection. 

How long can laryngitis last?: 

  • 2-10 days (acute) 
  • Over 10 days into months (chronic) 

The most common cause of acute laryngitis is a viral infection. 

The most common causes of chronic laryngitis are acid reflux, sinusitis, exposure to irritants, smoking, etc. 

Some of the ways to help laryngitis is: 

  • Rest your voice 
  • Steaming yourself over a kettle 
  • Drinking lots of fluids—including “fire cider” 
  • And more 

What kinds of exercises can you do if you have to sing with laryngitis

  1. Be sure to modify using songs within a smaller range. Transpose them to another key if you that feels better for your voice. 
  2. Check out what parts of your voice feel like they are working well and those that aren’t. 
  3. Use a hum and go slowly singing 1-2-3    3-2-1 
  4. Use VVVV or ZZZZ and slide slowly 1-3-1 
  5. Sing “voo” on three of the same notes with a rest in between. 

“Paying attention to breath management is everything.” 

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    That was so helpful, thanks.

    That was so helpful, thanks.

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