Keynote Concerts

A Fresh approach to your next event! 

"Do you have complaining employees? 

Is it hard to motivate them to attend meetings or meet their project deadlines? 

Do you feel like people grab sick days faster than a dog grabs any stray food?

Do you find them unmotivated in their day-to-day tasks? 

Would you like to see less turnover? 

What if you could bring your staff an out-of-the-box approach that would change their perspective - one that would change how they look at their jobs? An approach that made coming to work easy? What if they were even excited about their work? 

Are there any solutions out there that propel them to be great at what they do no matter their role? 

I've created a unique Keynote speech that will not just give them another training session, 

 but will move their soul because it involves something usually not even considered in the business world: music!

A Keynote concert! 

I've seen for over 25 years how music effectively targets the heart of people and causes something to rise to the surface--their emotions. 

A keynote concert can draw your valuable employees into considering some new way of looking at something simply because music connects with them on a different level. When was the last time you felt amazing after a live concert of one of your favorite artists? Perhaps it caused you to be on a high afterwards - even days later you might still be thinking about it. 

For most of us, we cannot recall the highlights of a speech or sermon given a day before.  The mind sometimes finds it hard to retain monotonous, dry details. However, consider music. We remember how we felt listening to it. And that can be a game changer for both your staff personally and your company profitably. 

If you feel like your business has tried other approaches and to your chagrin, nothing seems to shift your employees' habits, how about considering something new?  

If that feels like a resounding "yes", then please look no further than having me come for a keynote concert presentation for your next event!  

Here's the title: How to Completely Change the Way You View Your Work (Loving the Job You Have!) 

If  that sounds like a breath of fresh air to your organization, please contact me! I can't wait to encourage your employees! 

45 minutes to 1 hour presentation 

Contact me here. 


Resume of past presentations

Toastmaster Groups (2008-2010)

St. Paul Spakers, St. Paul

Thrivent Toastmasters, Minneapolis

Midday Mumblers, Chanhassen

Cargill Trade Masters, Wayzata

Maximizers Club, Eagan

Southwest Says It Best, Edina

The Hills Speakers Club, Shoreview

Luncheon Linguists, Bloomington

Capitol Square, Roseville and many more


Securian Call Center, St. Paul, MN

Amerrprise Leadership Development, Minneapolis, MN

Disney Consumer Products Academy for Learning. Glendale, CA

CHURCH GROUPS (2011-present)

New Hope church, New Hope MN

Crosstown Covenant Church, Minneapolis MN

Cross of Glory, Hopkins MN