Uncover Your Best Voice Intermediate Vocal Course!

 The Promise 


Over the next 5 weeks, you will be able to: 

Sing with more freedom and less tension/tightness 
Be able to sing for longer periods and with more efficiency 
Be able to sound at your very best every time you sing because you have know-how tools 
Be able to maintain your breath so that you can emote in more powerful ways to your audience 
Be able to project further because you know how the voice and its resonance works 
Be able to connect with an audience because you will have the tools to know how to sing in a pleasing way that brings them into your performance 
Have far more courage in your singing 
Find that your voice is more flexible and agile. 

The Process: 

2-3 Videos to watch each week 
mp3's for vocal exercises 
PDF's of homework assignments 
A Facebook Group for community and support from others, plus homework posts, further training and a place to ask questions 

The Price: 

5 weeks of 2-3 videos each week--Valued at $499 
Audio Exercises to practice with--Valued at $99 
Facebook group --Valued at $199 
Total price for Course value = $ 797

BUT....you can get this for the low price of just $179! That's a markdown of over 75%!! 

So, are you ready? 

Let's dive in together to this amazing instrument that you possess and take you to that next level of mastery in singing!! START TODAY!

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