Let me help you!

(Minneapolis based performer who teaches voice and piano)

Are you an adult struggles with the range, flexibility or tone of your voice? Do you wish you had some tools that made you feel like singing was easy and that you really enjoyed the sound of your own voice?  Do you wish you could take from someone who knows the ins and outs of performing? Let me help you find that beautiful voice that is there inside of you. I specialize in teen and adult performers who need beginning and intermediate voice lessons!

 What can Voice Lessons Do for You as a performer? 

  •  Increase your confidence because you have knowledge of your voice doing well each performance 
  •  Sing with energy and expression that can move your audience
  •  Expand your range and not be afraid of certain notes wo you hit your best songs with bravado 
  • Sing with more freedom and not feel tired after doing a show 
  •  Learn to sing pitch solidly and consistently whether you are in the studio or in a live concert
  •  Learn to love your voice and find beauty in it.

WHO CAN BENEFIT from voice lessons with me: 

ADULTS , CHILDREN 12 and up 




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"Best voice teacher around in my opinion. She understands not only the physiology of the voice but has a natural, encouraging way of communicating it to the student so they can "feel" it. Her piano skills are extraordinary, which allows her to concentrate on the student (not the accompaniment). She has a gift for teaching as well as performing and is a talented song writer too! Our daughter has studied with Tara for many years (both voice and piano) and has been inspired by the excellence she brings to her profession. She's the best!"  Shannon Bruce ( mother of vocalist at Baldwin-Wallace University) 


"Tara has been giving voice lessons to me for about 6 years. Her positive attitude has been a source of confidence building for me. Her knowledge of how to engage the voice for optimum results is what I wanted to learn. It does not happen overnight. We work on various warm-up patterns which involve different parts of the anatomy, such as breath control, enunciation, posture, all training the brain to combine these efforts for desired results. I enjoy the process; and the results. Even though I have been singing for all of my life (age 80) I know I sound better, having learned important techniques from Tara. Because I am in my church choir, I use my newly learned skills weekly. As I just said to one of my daughters this morning, you don't know what you don't know. The continuing improvement of something I enjoy gives me joy. Thanks, Tara!" Betty Miller (active church musician)   


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