Tara's immersion into music was almost instant! She was just a toddler of 3 when she first tickled the ivories and joined the family's vocal group that performed publicly in Minnesota and Canada at age 6.   About the same time, she started composing her own songs. 

Her musical pursuits widened in her teenage years where she branched out with older brother Jeff in a duo that continued through college. During these years, she received a classical field of study both in voice and piano. Yet she pursued her popular stylings with her brother,Jeff, starting a funk, rhythm and blues band called IS U IZ. That band, under her direction, performed for 8 years together, releasing a self-titled CD. Eventually they parted ways to all pursue other musical genres.

Tara launched a solo career in the mid 90's, venturing into the new styles of inspirational, folk, jazz and pop rock. In 2002 she teamed up with fellow IS U IZ drummer/producer Tim Zhorne to release her first solo CD “How Can I Keep From Singing”.  A combination of folk, pop, Broadway and sacred music, she highlighted her technical training. 

As time went on, she started singing the old Broadway and jazz standards as her focus shifted towards seniors and retirees. The introduction of that genre of music led her back to her family's musical roots. She combines the clarity and purity of a Julie Andrew's style (one of her mom's favorites) with the infectious and creative improvisations of the crooners and big bands (influenced by her father's love of them). 

Tara has found a place in music she can call home through the beautiful rich old songs of Irving Berlin, the Gershwin brothers, Duke Ellington, Ned Washington, Gus Kahn, Rodgers and Hammerstein and many others.She released her second full length solo CD "Those Timeless Vintage Melodies" featuring these great songs of the past. 

She brings a love of this music and joy to every performance she gives. Combining both vocals and her own piano stylings, she hopes to bring a spirited, energetic, passionate and joyful concert to those for whom she performs. She loves to communicate laughter, joy and hope to people and seeks to encourage them. 

Tara found another musical friend who was perfect to collaborate with - Carol Zimmerman. They formed a duo aptly named The BZ Girls  in the spring of 2009, and performed together till early 2018. The BZ GIRLS  released two CD's.

 She recently teamed back up with her brother Jeff to form a duo again under the name The Brueskes. They are continuing the tradition of classic crooners, singing the old songs of the past. Think Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet, Ella Fitzgerald, and Julie Andrews with the harmonies of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. At every performance they project an engaging warmth and excitement born out of a lifelong love of music and years of performing together.