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Premier Performer VIP

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Premier Performer VIP is for the serious musician who wants some practical hands on help in their specific musical performing journey. This 1-on-1 private coaching will help you take your vision from paper to building it in real life!

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Premier Performer

Monthly group

This monthly membership group makes creating top notch performances easy so you can get your favorite gigs doing the repertoire you love while getting paid your asking price

It is for those who want to level up your performance game and find the most practical ways to use social media to promote your performances.

Plus we'll be exploring the purpose behind your music career to keep you shining at your best and knowing what to do next!

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Are you ready to do LIVE and virtual shows?

This brand new course is just for you--the performing musician

Get started today with this practical step by step course to get you up and doing gigs online! Don't let fear stop you!

Want some FREE booking help?

Friend, as an artist, do you have any of these struggles?

Like when people start wondering why you charge what you do?

I bet you've wished you had something quick to answer back and now you can! I've got FREE downloads of the following: 

  • What to Say When People Question Your Pricing
  • Pricing Rubric to help you set your price for gigs

But don't stop there. You can also binge these for free:

  • How to Get Three Great Testimonials for Your Music
  • Steps on what to do for Press for booked gigs


Getting the Gig: 4 Weeks to Book Like a Boss 2.0

The booking course every serious indie musician needs.

This is a new upgraded step by step course to take you from novice to booking professional so that you can be successful and get the music gigs you want at the price you deserve! All in a concise simple-to-do process that you don't have to think about!