The Engaging Voice Podcast

The Engaging Voice podcast is here!  I'm so excited to share this  show with you all. My desire is to help singers feel emboldened and confident as they learn to understand their singing voices better. I offer tips, techniques and interviews to encourage the most healthy singing so that you can find freedom and beauty in your voice!  Keep it tuned here! 

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"The Engaging Voice"

Episode 72 | Tara B | Sing-a-long to Christmas Songs

Tara plays and sings some familiar Christmas songs that you too can sing along with or harmonize. This episode is a way for you to use your voice and give you practice on the concepts she and others have talked…

Episode 64 | Tara B | Should a Singer Use Auto-tune?

Auto-tune has been used in music circles for over 20 years as an audio processor for the voice to help keep it in tune. The question for today’s show is: should it be used by singers in their studio recordings…