The Engaging Voice podcast is here!  I'm so excited to share this  show with you all. My desire is to help singers feel emboldened and confident as they learn to understand their singing voices better. I offer tips, techniques and interviews to encourage the most healthy singing so that you can find freedom and beauty in your voice!  Keep it tuned here! 


The Engaging Voice Podcast

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"The Engaging Voice"

Episode 53 | Carol Nicodemi | The Joys of Singing with Children

In today’s episode, Tara talks with music educator/performer/songwriter Carol Nicodemi all about children’s voices and what it was like to work with children in the school system for 25+ years. Carol shares from personal experience how she worked with children…

Episode 047 | Tara B | The Benefits of Singing

Today’s episode features many of the different and vast benefits there are with singing. From physical benefits to emotional, social and more, this is an episode for the people who like singing but don’t do much of it themselves. 


Episode 044 | Tara B | How To Improvise in Singing

Do you wish that it was easier for you to improvise while you sing? Do you wish you had the tools to know what to do to make up parts for your singing? Are you a classical singer who isn’t…