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Tara B and The Brueskes

"Tara Brueske is one of my favorite singers because she is both extremely talented vocally, as well as a gifted pianist. She is equally one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and is easy to work with. Tara’s voice is very engaging and pleasant to listen to. She has the power as well as the control to delight your ears while taking you on a journey to where the song is leading you.  In addition, she has the versatility to transcend various genres of music masterfully. Tara also effortlessly mixes up her sets with stories and humor that allows the listener to feel like she is talking directly to them. I have personally had the pleasure of booking Tara several times and would highly recommend her as part of your next event or worship experience."

(Dale Fagre , Executive Director , NHCC Foundation)

"As someone who has seen Tara perform many times she has a way of capturing one's heart with her beautiful unique voice and command of the keyboard. Always entertaining effortlessly connecting with her audience while she takes you on a musical  journey. Highly recommended!"

(Steve Kelzer, Music Liaison, Arts Consortium of Carver County, CD Producer)

"Tara's magnificent voice is sharp, precise, sweet, feminine, and wonderful to listen to.  Her songs are beautiful, upbeat, and enjoyable for all ages. 

When we listen to Tara sing we are rejuvenated with lively spirit and ready to almost sing along. 

Everyone should have Tara sing at their event or gathering; all will be very impressed with her professional and musical talents."

(Janene Reierson, Activities Director at Summerwood of Chanhassen, MN)

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Tara B and The Brueskes

Beginning as a child, Tara B sang with her family all throughout northern MN and Ontario, Canada. Through the years, as she also continued that music journey, it led her into starting a band, going solo with Christian and later folk music, being in a girl duo for 8 years and then joining back up with her brother in 2017 as The Brueskes.  Tara has sung at such diverse places as the Madison Square Garden Theater in NYC and the MN State Fair. Tara has found a place in music she can call home through the beautiful rich old songs of Irving Berlin, the Gershwin brothers, Duke Ellington, Rodgers and Hammerstein and many others. She released her second full length solo CD "Those Timeless Vintage Melodies" featuring these great songs of the past. She combines the clarity and purity of a Julie Andrew's style  with the infectious and creative improvisations of the crooners and big bands and hopes to leave her audiences with an uplifted spirit! 

The Brueskes, Tara and her brother Jeff, create a smooth musical treat through vocals, piano and upright bass.They continue the tradition of classic crooners, singing the old songs of the past. Think Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet, and Ella Fitzgerald with the harmonies of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. At every performance they project an engaging warmth and excitement born out of a lifelong love of music and years of performing together.


Tara B Showreel

The Brueskes Christmas Showreel

The Brueskes sample video