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New Strategies to Book Paid Gigs in 2020 with Tara B

And Bree Noble

2020 has been crazy for musicians especially about booking. Tara previously had 10-12 gigs a month and due to the pandemic, she experienced 50% cancellations. How was she able to bring in income during the pandemic? First, she started calling people right away to offer virtual concerts. Second, she explored different ways of virtual events. She believes there are ways in the midst of hardship.


How to sing better by overcoming these 3 mindset blocks with Tara Brueske

With Katie Zaccardi

On this episode Vocal Coach Tara Brueske teaches us the three major mindset shifts we can make in order to sing better & stop sabotaging our performances.


EP27: Powerful Strategies on How to Get Successful Bookings As a Musician

With John North and Tara B

Welcome, Evolvepreneurs!  Our special expert guest today is Tara Brueske. If musicians are struggling to find a way to make their music FT and earn a living, Tara has found so many opportunities in booking gigs, teaching, mentoring, online courses and other types of income for the "starving artist"

God’s Provision in Singleness | Tara Brueske| Episode 017

with Carrie Robaina And Tara B

On this episode of She Walks In Truth Carrie interviews professional musician Tara Brueske who shares her faith journey and how God, in all his faithfulness, has met three major avenues of her life: men, money and music! Listen and share this touching episode!

222: How To Book Paid Singing Gigs Like A Boss - with Tara B

with Tiffany VanBoxtel and Tara B

If you want to book more, better paying, and more fun singing gigs, then this episode is for you!

On this episode, we chat about:

Where to get started if you want to book more gigs, Ideas for unconventional gigs, How to get in contact with venues, How to set your prices

FEM20 A Wildly Successful Approach to Booking Shows with Tara B

with Bree Noble and Tara B

Tara B is a seasoned singer, recording artist, pianist, voice coach and public speaker. In this episode, Tara talks about the strategies she learned and practiced throughout her career in booking shows, promoting music online, internet marketing and her many ways to earn as a musician entrepreneur.

FEM 179: How to Build Long Term Relationships with Music Venues

With Tara B and Bree Noble

Tara B shares the tips and tricks she has learned in over 25 years of booking music venues. Her successful strategy focuses on building relationships that lead to bookings and re-bookings.