Episode 030 | Bree Noble | The Music Biz Expert as a Singer

Bree Noble is a well known name in the music business industry in mentoring other singers and artists. In today’s show, Tara chats with Bree about her own singing journey and how she still stays healthy and motivated in continuing to be a performer alongside being a marketing and biz expert. 

Bree’s first public outlet for singing was in a kid’s church choir in some musicals where she soloed. 
Her introduction to choral music was in her 8th grade English class where some older choir members visited her class and sang to them. 
Bree started as an alto first and then transitioned to becoming a soprano, as she explored more of her voice through the years. 
Bree’s glaucoma affected her sight but not her spirit or commitment to be deliberate in her singing journey. 

Here is her take on having to memorize music: 

“I could always deliver and connect with the audience more and really think about the phrasing and interpretation verses always having to look at something.” 

“Your whole body is your instrument.” 

“Being aware of how my voice feels in certain ranges will help me not over sing.” 

On using your head and chest voice: 

“Depending on where you are coming from, if you are coming from below or above (how the phrase is), you have to be able to make that choice in a split second.” 

Bree’s advice to other singers: 

“I just think it’s so important to get in some kind of community because a lot of musicians are operating as an island and not have that encouragement daily, weekly, monthly that you need to keep going!”

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