Ep 77 | 4 Fresh New Warmups for the Voice | Tara B

Tara uses today’s show to give you some fun warmups that you can sing along with anywhere—at home, in the car or wherever you have your phone. These catchy original warmups will get you singing and put an ear worm in your head for the day! 

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  1. Vv-oo, Vv-oo, Vv-oo oo oo, Vv-oo, Vv-oo, Vv-oo oo oo, 
  2. Bubba-loo, bubba-lee, bubba-lay 
  3. Ziba, ziba, ziba, ziba, zoo zoo zay 
  4. (Hold your jaw still) Sing a La or a Yah— la la la la la       la la la la (2x) 

You can also sing harmonies with these if you find them too high! 

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