Ep 78 | Are Vocal Warmups Necessary? | Tara B

Ever thought that vocal warmups were a time waster? There are actually different schools of thought in whether warmups should be used in a singer’s life or not. In today’s episode, Tara addresses some of the opinions of warmups and why and when they can be useful and necessary. 

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Why are warmups important? 

“As we age, warmups are becoming more crucial…and the type of warmups you do and the time of day—those things can all affect how we do and what kind of warmups we do.” 

There are exercises that build and help the vocal folds be ready to sing. 

“Warmups can really help your voice get ready to tackle the gig…in a way that sets everything free so there’s not going to be tension happening.” 

Doing warmups intentionally with an order that builds on the previous ones will help you warmup more gracefully. 

  • Start with simple phonation. 
  • Add SOVT’s. 
  • Try some slides and scales. 
  • Add agility runs and melisma. 
  • Add exercises that stretch your range. 

Don’t forget cool downs too! 

Warmups have a definite purpose to keep you singing at your healthiest and best! 

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