Episode 002 | Tara B | Alignment: Where Our Singing Starts

Tara B discusses the anatomy of our larynx, the connection of the head,  and our breath supporting apparatuses—the lungs, spine and the rib cage. She shows how understanding your body and making sure all the parts are in alignment help you have free and supported singing. She also gives tips to help you create amazing positioning of your whole body and head. 

(2:20) What is the larynx? 

(4:55) Your voice box in neutral position. 

(5:55) Our head alignment affects the larynx. 

(6:30) How much our head weighs at rest and angled forward. 

(9:00) Our head not being aligned causes change in our sound. 

(12:10) Alignment of our mid body. 

(16:00) How to check posture sitting or standing. 

(18:47) Exercises to help you get into great alignment.


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