Episode 003 | Victoria Vargas | Fundamentals of Balanced Singing

Victoria Vargas,  professional mezzo-soprano  Opera singer and vocal professor, has been following a musical journey for most of her life. Starting with musical theater in high school, she transitioned to opera in her undergrad years. Through the years of training, she also developed a love for analyzing the voice and helping people learn to sing with technique that creates and sustains balanced singing. Victoria got her Bachelor of Music Degree from the State University of New York at Fredonia. She then received her Masters of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Victoria currently is a faculty member at Carlton College, teaches privately and has had many roles in various operas, including the MN Opera. In this episode we look at what the pillars of balanced singing are all about, as well as touch on some issues that can arise with singers. 

(6:53) A teacher that changed her method of singing and gave new understanding to her voice. 

(9:02) Balanced singing starts with structural balance in your body. Victoria states how these 4 pillars are essential in creating balanced singing. 

Breath Management 
Correct amount of engaging in singing 
Freedom and Ease in your articulators 

(18:38) Contemporary styles versus classical singing. How using similar classical technique can transfer over to contemporary singing. 

To find out more about Victoria, please go to www.victoriavargasmezzo.com  

The book Victoria recommended on vocal pedagogy is: The Structure of Singing by Richard Miller.


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