Episode 004 Breathing: How to Keep it Relaxed and Sustained for Singing

In this episode, Tara B introduces us to the onset of breath and how we can make sure that we are carrying out the process of inhalation and exhalation in a relaxed way. She also shares about the necessity of having breath that can sustain phrases in singing so that we won’t run out of energy while a song or word is still in progress. Tara gives practical exercises in this chapter to help each person practice the techniques of relaxed breathing and being able to support the breath for long periods. 

(0:48)—Breathing is both voluntary and involuntary. 

(2:58)—We breathe from the diaphragm—true or false? 

(5:12)—Breathing relaxed with a nose breath. 

(9:35)—Quiet breathing exercise. 

(14:52)—Our air after exhalation naturally wants to come back into our body. 

(16:33)—To build stamina and sustain breath, here are several exercises to help 

Hissing sound 
Singing half scales 
Crescendo and decrescendo 

(21:13)—Breath causes the vocal folds to adduct and abduct. 

(23:30)—Breath/Singing is being used in physical therapy. 

The article found here talks about this wonderful new possibility: 



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