Episode 006 | Amy Mathews-Muttwill | A Singer's Journey to Uncover Her True Calling

Tara’s special guest, professional singer/vocal instructor Amy Mathews-Muttwill, shares about the many avenues that her musical journey took her.  In this episode, she tells the story of how she would veer off the path of music only to return through the encouragement of key people who helped stir in her a desire to come back. Her pathway took her from the USA to Austria and back with new vision for what she could and should really pursue. Enjoy her inspiring story and some tips about the voice from a very engaging and empathetic vocal teacher! 

(7:05)—The beginning of a singer’s musical journey. Amy became enamored with those who sang in church at the tender age of 7. 

(11:05)—College becomes a path totally different than the rest of Amy’s family. 

(12:35)—Amy relates how a job sharing fragrances turned into her being nudged to come back to music. 

(15:10)—While on a music education path, Amy clarifies what her heart wants to do as a singer. 

(17:39)—A realization comes to Amy after completing her music education degree. “I really need to be out there on the stage performing!” 

(20:40)—Someone else is again the catalyst for Amy to follow her gifts. 

(23:05)—The twists and turns of studying with many voice teachers. 

(27:42)—Amy’s first experiment in teaching private voice lessons. 

(30:55)—Rotary Clubs are in every city and they provide scholarships. Amy got an Ambassadorial Scholarship for study abroad in music. This took her back to Austria. 

(36:15)—In the midst of taking huge risk in music and being away from the USA, Amy confesses still her lack of confidence that so many of us experience. 

(39:03)—A romance blossoms in Austria amid hardships back in America. 

(45:17)—Amy describes bel canto/beautiful singing and what is can entail. 

(47:40)—Appoggio breathing starts with the breath housing in the rib cage. Amy speaks to this concept and helps us understand it. 

(51:37)—An issue in many students is when they just want to imitate another singer’s sound. 

(53:46)—“Am I making a decision that is good for me and my voice?” A question singers need to ask. 

(55:15)—The vocal fry. Amy tells how this trend is used often in our vernacular. 

(56:49)—“Speak on the voice” 

To get ahold of Amy Mathews-Muttwill, please go to: Reveal My Voice

Amy mentioned one of her teachers who has done tons of research on the voice. His  name is John NIx and his information can be found here: http://music.utsa.edu/index.php/faculty_page/john-nix/ 

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