Episode 007 | Tara B | Monotone Singing--Is is changeable?

In this episode, Tara focuses on an issue that some people struggle with in singing. It’s called monotone singing or tone deafness. She gives the listener the true facts of this topic, chats about a real disorder called Amusia and discusses ways that people can learn to sing on pitch and in tune. This is for any listeners who have grappled with the stress of wondering if they can sing or not. It’s also for teachers who want to help students acquire the skills in training their ear to be able to sing in tune and be confident. 

(1:35)—Every voice is unique. 

(2:57)—We speak in pitches that vary. 

(6:33)—We measure pitches by intervals. 

(7:43)—“Set Your Voice Free” (by Roger Love) story of pitch intervals in speaking and how people in certain occupations speak differently. 

(10:35)—A story of someone who learned to sing pitches correctly. 

(12:04)—The musical disorder Amusia— a disorder of pitch discrimination in the brain. An explanation of it here (via The Journal of Neuroscience) 

(18:34)—To sing, start with songs that are simple and don’t have many different pitches. 

(19:25)—Good singing starts with observation! 

(19:52)—1st exercise to help train yourself to become a singer. Observe physical details. 

(21:12)—2nd exercise—Observe your environment for sound details. 

(22:47)—3rd exercise—Observe two pitches to see which is higher and which is lower. 

(23:36)—4th exercise—Tonal pitch memory. 

(25:55)—5th exercise. Choose a song and try to pick out contrasting vocal parts or instrument parts. 

(27:22)—6th exercise. Going higher and being able to shift your voice to sing all the pitches. 

(28:36)—Hummy sounds, a cat’s meow and dogs whimpering are all ways to get to higher pitches.     1-2-3-4-5 scale or same note 1-1-1-1-1 

Solfegg links on YouTube to help you practice between notes: Solfegg exercises

Solfegg exercises 2

Book by Roger Love is called “Set Your Voice Free” 

Link to get a digital tuner for your phone or computer: Digital Tuner

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