Episode 008 | Tara B | Chest, Middle and Head Voice: All One Voice

Your voice sounds different as you go from low pitches to high pitches. Tara chats about the registers of your voice and how they all work together to form one voice. She delves into the sounds we hear as we go from low to high and back again and she also chats about the feeling or sensation of our voice changing. Tara offers exercises in this podcast to aid your singing so you can capture the range you were meant to sing with and have a smooth voice that can sound seamless and effortless. 

(1:30)— “A vocal register is a range of tones in the human voice produced by a particular pattern of the vocal folds.” (Wikipedia) 

(2:30)—Our voices have different colors and ranges. 

(5:10)—Exploring our voice by reading a children’s book out loud. 

(6:35)—Three parts to our voice—Chest, Middle (Mixed) Head 

(7:40)—Chest voice—our lower register of pitches. 

(9:18—Middle voice—where our voice changes and shifts—middle pitches of our range. (Zona di passagi) 

(11:27)—Head voice—upper pitches of our voice and range. 

(13:52)—What happens in the vocal folds as we sing higher? The zipper analogy. 

(17:03)—Primo and secondo passaggi—the “breaks” that happen in our voice. Men vs women in their break areas:  men have a shorter middle voice range. 

(20:10)—A way to make our throat open: fog up your hand. 

(21:07—Exercise: Slides/Sirens slowly.     1-3-1 (3rds)  1-5-1 (fifths)  1-8-1 (octaves) 

(22:55)—Exercise: Hummy sound to add to sirens or slides. 

(23:20)—Exercise: Ga, ga.  1-3-5-8-8-8-8-5-3-1     Do it with a whiney or cry sound. You can also experiment with a nasal sound. 

(24:25)—Exercise: Lip buzz/lip trill. This is easy on your voice. 

(25:35)—Exercise: Chicken sound “bwak”. You can use an arpeggio or a couple of notes 1-3-5-3-1 

(26:15)—Exercise:  Mum, mum.     You can use a scale   1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 

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