Episode 011| Tara B | Why Do Technique for the Voice?

Tara B discusses why it’s important for singers to train and get helpful, healthy technique. She talks about how pro athletes always do training as part of their regimen. Since singing is a very physical and mental thing, we as singers can go through a similar process to make sure our voices perform at their very best. 

(1:12) What about musicians who are gifted? Do they need training? 

(2:24) Two elderly singers that blew my mind with their beautiful tone. 

(4:30) Olympic and elite athletes—how do they train? 

(6:15) Pro-athletes are always learning and getting better. 

(6:51) High school athletes and their training—why they do it. (Social time, stamina, keeping in shape, team skills, not being injured) 

(9:14) Our vocal cords change through the years and so if we want to keep them healthy, we need training. 

(11:02) My voice at 50 with training and technique is even healthier and freer than just 4 years ago. This is because I’m taking lessons again. 

(12:40) My story of being unkind to my voice and how I got vocal fatigue. 

(15:52) Elite singers—our operatic athletes. The singers who sing up to three hours over an orchestra with no microphones. 

(18:56) Why DO people train their voices? 

(19:19) 1. We train to have endurance and stamina to sing. 

(19:42) 2. We train to sing notes with ease and flexibility. 

(20:05) 3. We train to have great control over our breath. 

(20:36) 4. We trying to have clear and phonated sounds. 

(21:21) 5. We train to develop natural vibrato. 

(21:50) 6. We train to sing with great intonation and pitch. 

(22:10) 7. We train to keep flexibility in our voices. 

(22:56) 8. We trying to keep up all of our range—that we don’t lose notes we once had. 

(23:31) 9. We train to sound effortless as we sing. 

(23:53) 10. We train to keep up the power and presence in our voices. 

(25:17) The difference between a vocal “coach” and a vocal “teacher”. 

(27:18) The teachers who can help are those who teach about the physical structure of the voice and those whom you feel comfortable with them. 

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