Episode 015 | Dr. David Opperman | Q and A with a Laryngologist

Tara interviews Dr. David Opperman, laryngologist from the Colorado Voice Clinic. He chats about when it’s time to see a voice doctor, how they can find the vocal issues and the types of treatment that are available. It’s a discussion that you won’t want to miss if you are a singer! 

(5:15) The difference between an ENT (otolaryngologist) and a laryngologist (a true voice specialist) 

(7:35) Dr. Opperman explains what laryngitis is and how we can become hoarse as singers. 

(8:35) If hoarseness is happening more than 10 days, it is a good idea to have your voice checked. 

(10:00) Dr. Opperman talks about what kinds of vocal issues he sees that are the most common. Voice overuse is one of the big ones. 

(12:30) Assessing a vocal issue can be from hearing the voice and also doing a video stroboscopy 

(15:01)  Injuries to the voice can happen in many ways. Often it can start in the speaking voice. 

(17:01) Stress environment factors and lack of hydration can cause vocal issues too. 

(18:25) Injections can help spasmodic dysphonia. It’s a disease that is still hard to figure out. 

(19:30) Injections can be used for things like Parkinson’s Disease and Spasmodic Dysphonia. 

(20:35) Nodules—how they form and how they are treated. Vocal therapy, botox, vocal rest and hydration can all help. 

(22:19) Surgery can benefit people when the voice issue necessitates help that only removal of something can do. 

(22:35) Transition using therapy after surgery or diagnosis is often administered. Speech therapy can be one aspect of that transition. 

(24:17)  Also looking at bad habits and adjusting them can help. 

(25:20)  If you have pain while singing, stop and get it checked out! 

(26:22) Take the time to identify and observe your voice and get help sooner than later. 

(27:33)  Is it wise to do a vocal checkup at the voice doctor annually or at least to get a baseline? 

(28:50) Dr. Opperman can consult over the phone to help you find a way to get your issues diagnosed. If he can’t get you into his clinic, he will try to find help with a laryngologist near you. 

To contact Dr. Opperman, go to his website: www.coloradovoiceclinic.com 

Phone: 1-303-844-3000 

Also, there is the Academy of Otolaryngologists where you can get a list of physicians around the country.


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