Episode 016 | Arden Kaywin | Bridging the Gap in Healthy Techniques from Classical to Pop

In this interview with singer and vocal coach Arden Kaywin, we dive into a story of a singer who went from classical to pop, and found her true voice in her journey. She shares how her voice trek led her to helping others with their own vocal pathways through online and in person coaching. She now instructs and tutors other singers in a holistic method of teaching that practices healthy mind and body techniques. 

(3:17) Arden shares of her love of music first through dance. 

(6:30) Arden was very involved in musical things—summer camps, theater, etc. At age 10, she sang the National Anthem for the Miami Heat. 

(9:15) Arden shows her journey from classical to pop artist. She shares how she felt like her creativity got lost in her early opera career. 

(13:05) She talks about her outlet writing “cheesy pop songs” during her time in New York. 

(16:15) Arden released her first pop album in 2006. 

(20:05) Arden shares her journey into teaching voice—how the music industry affected her and pushed her towards teaching and coaching. 

(25:20) Mindset with our voices.  We have emotions and they can come out in physical reactions, which in turn can affect our singing voices. 

(30:11) Arden describes what she first works on with traditional student lessons. 

(32:32) She shares 3 core pillars of healthy singing: 

  • Breath support 
  • Understanding the shape of the resonance 
  • Understanding the root of the tension 

(35:03) Arden addresses harsh singing and how it needs a recovery time. 

(37:47) She discusses “belting”. 

(41:47) “The best sound not only sounds good, but feels good too!” 

(42:44) “It is not your job as a singer to recreate the sound of a good sound. It’s your job to recreate the feeling of the good sound.” 

To contact Arden Kaywin, go to her website: www.ArdenKaywinVocalStudio.com 

There you can join her Virtual Studio, do one of her 4 month intensives or have a lesson either in person or online via skype/zoom. 

Facebook and Instagram: Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio 

Youtube: Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio 

The link to the Youtube video on belting is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cUo9xEfmTc 

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