Episode 025 | Michael Trimble | The Power of Breath

At 81, Micheal Trimble is still helping the vocal world with his great knowledge of the voice and singing in operas through the years. He reiterates time and again how breath is the core of the everything in singing—how the way you take the breath and where you take it affects everything! 

(2:30) MIchael didn’t sing until he was 19. He had been on a football scholarship to college at the time. 

(3:45) “The bigger the drum, the bigger the sound” 

(6:39) The secret for MIchael in staying vocally healthy was doing what the Great Singers taught him. “Breathe, breathe, breathe!” 

(7:54) “You either know what you are doing when you sing or you are not going to last.” 

(9:55) “The breath makes the voice or kills the voice…it’s your worst enemy, or your best friend.” 

(10:39) Micheal stresses singing way down low in your back. 

(12:16) Key to healthy singing: no action in the throat and no change of emission. 

(13:35) You maintain the open throat through the power of the respiration. 

(18:27) The traditional way to sing was to “breathe way down low in the back and then lean the breath against the diaphragm.” (from the Great Singers) 

(24:29) Breathing + Good Phonation = healthy full sounds 

(27:49) Michael says that the singers who have lasted for a long time are not busy in their throats. 

(32:04) “Once I start singing, what do I do to not get tired?” 

(39:09) Michael describers singing on the breath as only down bowing on a stringed instrument—no up bowing. 

You can get ahold of MIchael Trimble on his website:


Or on Youtube, his channel is MichaelTrimberTenor.

Email: tvi@ biwifi.com

The books he spoke about:

Fundamentals of Great Vocal Technique: The Teachings of Michael Trimble 

by inside_view_press 

Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0991087607/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_ReZQDbCXMMXP4 

Caruso’s book that Micheal spoke about is called: Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing 

by Amazon.com 

Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1511730749/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_4HYQDbSXV9TVY

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  • Liz
    Liz Minneapolis
    So insightful! Explaining with vocal examples is so look helpful. This is an amazing lesson. Thank you a thousand times.

    So insightful! Explaining with vocal examples is so look helpful. This is an amazing lesson. Thank you a thousand times.

  • Tara B
    Tara B
    You are so welcome!!

    You are so welcome!!

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