Episode 027 | Katie Zaccardi | Mental Health Wellness in Singing

In this episode, Katie Zaccardi helps us look at what it means to have wellness in our life as a musician. She talks about how mindset and beliefs can affect our physical health and cause anxiety or stress. In singing, this can exacerbate having tension in the voice or the voice not working properly. Join us for this discussion about our life as musicians being balanced in wellness. 

(3:31) Katie started as a musical theater nerd and quickly morphed into taking non-traditional piano lessons. 

(5:39) As early as third grade, Katie found her way into musicals at the Catholic school she attended. 

(11:08) In college, Katie branched out to be a singing performer in solo performances. 

(12:02)  Katie herself (sophomore year of college) started struggling with anxiety. She then trudged a path to find out what she was feeling and how she herself could cope with it. She researched and did experiments on herself to try and find answers. 

(15:57) As time went on, Katie felt stuck and not well in her full time job. Her stress and health were not good. 

(17:00) Katie came to the conclusion that there was not enough tools or resources for mental health and wellness in music. 

(17:45) “If you are stressed out and trying to build your career, your stress is impacting your career.” 

(19:10) A mindset block like self doubt can plague musicians and that can cause much stress. 

(20:22) “You can have all of the strategies in the world but if you are waking up every day and have these negative thoughts running through your head, and the self doubt on repeat, ongoing, constantly nagging at you…you are not gonna be successful.” 

(24:38) Fear of failure ca be a huge mental roadblock for musicians. 

(25:29) “Take messy action.” 

(27:55) Katie stated that we are at the beginning of doing preventive care verses sick care in the music industry today. 

(29:00) She does 1 to 1 coaching. Her pillars are: 

1. Focus on goal setting 

2. Wellness routines and habits 

3. Mindset blocks and then freedom 

4. Another set of strategizing 

You can get ahold of Katie on her website: 


Instagram: @katiezaccardi 

Her podcast is called “The Out to Be Podcast”. 

And her one on one coaching can be found here: bit.ly/outtobecoaching


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