Episode 028 | Tara B | My Singing Journey

Today, Tara shares her journey of singing—how it started when she was a wee little girl and how it was woven through the years of being raised in a Minnesota pastor’s family. Her growing up years gave her a love for singing that eventually solidified to became her passion. She shares how she got into teaching and the journey from teen pop singer to adult classical and jazz singer. 

Music was all around Tara growing up—in church, at home through records and the radio and gathering around the piano. She was introduced to many genres, including jazz, classical, choral, pop, sacred and more. 

Tara’s family traveled starting when she was age 6, doing concerts in churches in Northern MN and parts of Ontario, Canada. She began accompanying the family around the age of 8 for some songs and also started singing harmonies with her brothers. Music was a full fledged part of her young life and kept on through her high school years. 

One of Tara’s favorite times to sing and listen to music was during Advent and Christmas. It fueled more of her love for music and singing because there were so many songs that she learned and enjoyed. It helped paved the way for future musical pursuits. 

Tara’s early influence of Amy Grant kept a drive inside her to want to be a professional singer. 

College was a time that was a shift for Tara in her musical tastes and listening. She became open to learning more about her voice and in particular the classical voice. She started to discover a bigger range and capability of her voice. 

Teaching is another aspect of Tara’s singing that came into swing at age 22. She started a journey of learning and loving to help other singers. She has enjoyed the process of gifting singers with the ability to bring out their best voice and give them confidence. 

“Anyone can keep up their voice, it it’s taken care of properly.” 

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