Episode 029 | Fiona Flyte | The Singerpreneur Mindset

In continuing the journey of  wholistic health for our voice and body, Tara chats with a pro musician who takes us on a little different journey of the singing voice. This episode features Fiona Flyte, the Singer’s Biz Coach. Fiona shares her story about how she became a singer and entrepreneur and how her journey has led her to help other singers. She delves into the mindset behind being a Singerpreneur and gives singers some ways that they can start a vocal studio. If you are a singer and want to look at why you sing and how you can stay healthy in your mindset as a singer making a living, this is the episode for you. 

(4:06) While Fiona didn’t grow up in a musical family, she still had parents who took her to musical theater and plays. She developed a love for musical theater. 

(6:22) Fiona was shy and struggled in high school with letting herself perform. She really didn’t do any performing in public until college. 

(7:33)  A voice teacher who came to her glee club in college inspired her to take voice lessons and was the catalyst for Fiona pursuing some opera. 

(12:18)  Performing and coaching happened simultaneously for Fiona. 

(13:56) “Don’t discount the other ways in which you make money as a musician.” 

(14:05) “In teaching you are providing so much service. You are lifting other people up.” 

(15:20) “A singerpreneur is somebody that really understand that making a life in music is not so specific to just performing…we’re CEO’s of a business.” 

(20:50) Fiona has created a video series on YouTube on helping people launch a vocal studio. 

(24:49) “We only need to be a couple of steps ahead of whoever is our student.” 

(30:49) “The more we believe that we have to be perfect, the more our ego will tell us that we shouldn’t put anything out because we’re not perfect.” 

(34:16) Mindset, marketing and monetization are the three pillars for Fiona’s coaching. 

You can find Fiona on YouTube where she has many coaching and performing videos. Search for Fiona Flyte. 

Website: www.fionaflyte.com 

Instagram: @fionaflyte 

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