Episode 032 | Tara B | How to Sing Harmony Part 2

To continue with the subject of harmony, Tara takes us deeper into the different ways it can be put together.  If you know what is happening in a musical piece, it will help you to hear individual parts and then be able to make it up.  She breaks down the components that you hear in everyday songs – the complexity is inviting and a delightful challenge. 

"Harmony is much about training our ears to hear a musical part that is different from the regular melody" 

Intervals - a measurement of the distance between notes. A good portion of harmonies are thirds apart.  Explanation of Thirds, Fourths and Fifths and then chords that are triads. 

“The more that you’re able to sing intervals, the more helpful it will be to finding and holding harmony.” 

Solfegging - a system where every note of the scale is given its own unique syllable which is used to sing that note every time that note appears - like Do Re Mi 

Recommended Apps 

1.  Sing Harmonies 

2.  Atonal Ear Trainer 

3.  Sacred Harp Singing 

4.  Solfeggio (Training Your Ear and Voice) 

5.  Relative Absolute Solfegg Ear Trainer 

Music Theory and Keys – getting this basic understanding on these will help round out the understanding of harmony. 

Harmony is learned.  It also can be done “by ear”.  Try it and experiment - Harmony IS POSSIBLE! 

Try these ideas: 

Find parts of a choral song or hymnbook 
Join a choir 
Analyze songs 
The Orchestra Song - 5 parts/different melodies (you can find on YouTube) 

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