Episode 033 | Tara B | What Voice Type Are You?

Think of your own voice – how it sounds and how it comes across in your performing.  There is such uniqueness in it because you are, YOU!  In this episode you will find help to narrow down your very own niche.  It may lead you into more assurance of your style and possibly may launch you into even other genres of music that fit your voice and lead to our goal of ease, health and pure singing enjoyment! 

Why classify a voice?  For comfort and ease.  Adriana Festeu writes on the online article Voice classification: System or Art: “One of the main reasons for the importance of classification is that regardless of repertoire, singing is ultimately about vocal comfort.” 

There are 5 things to consider when classifying:  Tessitura, Color/Timbre, Range, Flexibility and Weight. 

The most familiar classifications are: Soprano (1st & 2nd), Alto (1st & 2nd /contralto), Tenor (1st & 2nd) and Bass (baritone & bass). 

The Germans broke it down further into Fachs meaning compartments.  They are Coloratura, Lyric, Spinto, Dramatic, Helden, Verdi and Basso-profundo. 

Do not label yourself or others; you may end up feeling trapped.  But we can hone in on our strengths and music that fits our voice. 

To see and hear these different types of voices online, please go to: https://www.theopera101.com/operaabc/voices/ 

Here is a chart of the range of voices:

For a free PDF of Ways to Practice the Voice Consistently, 

please click here and grab your download: https://mailchi.mp/16a4bd648eac/getfreevoiceinfo 


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