Episode 034 | Tara B | Opera 101: A Singer's Guide

What comes to your mind with the word opera? For many people, it can be a negative thought or at best neutral. Tara shares with you today some history and snippets on what opera is really about and why it can be a very likable entertainment option. She also talks about the singers and what makes them so amazing! 

Tara didn’t really grow up with opera and had somewhat of a a distaste for it—in her lack of knowledge and experience. 

  • Opera started in the 16th century. 
  • Dafni was the first drama considered a “real opera”. 
  • Operas was built somewhat on Greek dramas (oral storytelling acted out 
  • Opera is made up a musical singing and based on a script (a libretto) 

The music of opera is broken down into two parts: 

Recitatives ( like spoken singing) 
Arias—melodic singing/songs 
The libretto is often in another language besides English 

Opera is similar to: 

  • Shakespeare Stories 
  • Broadway Theater 
  • Pop/Rock/Country concerts of today in huge stadiums and auditoriums 

Opera can be about: Comedy, Tragedy or Love 

Where do we see opera in everyday life? 

TV commercials, movies, cartoons, weddings 

The Singers in Opera: 

  • “People are not mic’d in opera.” 
  • “The singers in Opera are the Olympians of singing!” 
  • Opera singers: efficient, trained in technique, disciplined, able to sing other languages 

“Singing this amazing genre and musical art of opera requires discipline, amazing technique and a commitment to keeping the voice healthy and able. It truly desmans as much physicality as being an Olympian…” 

The other beautiful part of opera is that it is reasonably priced now-a-days, so go take in one! 


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