Episode 037 | Whitney Cytryn | What is the Singing Straw and Why You Need One

Music Artist  and Voice teacher Whitney Cytryn shares today all about the company she founded called The Singing Straw. She show us how this tiny straw tool can change the ways that we take care of our voices—both for singers and for speakers. Whitney teachers us how a straw/straws can help our singing be easier, more efficient and very healthy! 

  • In her early years, Whitney had no interest in being a teacher—she just wanted to be a singer. 
  • In her 20’s she found a teacher she connected with in contemporary styles that helped lead her into her own teaching. 
  • Part of the reason she developed The Singing Straw was because of touring and finding out her voice as struggling and tired often. 
  • Dr. Ingo Titze influenced her in her knowledge of straw phonation and how it would help the voice. 

On another tour Whitney was on, she said this about using a straw: “I was using a straw on my warmups and my cool down and I was noticing that I was helping keep me less fatigue and it was helping me warmup quicker.” 

On using a straw in general: “With partially obstructed airflow comes back pressure.” 

“It allows you to carry less tension and sing efficiently.” 

++++++Songbird Studios was started by Whitney and her husband in California to help other singers with their vocal journey. Then now have 3 different studios++++++++. 

Different ways that The Singing Straw can help a singer/speaker: 

  1. Fatigue in voices 
  2. Warmup/cool downs 
  3. Balancing a mixed voice 
  4. Reduce tension in a belt 
  5. Increase flexibility for riffing. 

What’s important in the Singing Straw is its diameter of 3mm and that there are 3 straws! 

Using a variety of 3 straws allows the singer to have more or less resistance, depending on the day and how they feel 
The 3mm size is considered the best size in research that can help with the voice and the back pressure 

The Singing Straw is wonderful not only for singers but for speakers as well. Any job where the voice is used often can benefit from using the Singing Straw! 

You can find Whitney at both Songbird Studios: https://songbirdsf.com 

Or The Singing Straw: https://singingstraw.com 

You can also find her at Instagram: @singingstraw 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDae_BabRlw9bIr7ysxBSqA 


**THE SINGING STRAW is now available for you right here: 


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