Episode 038 | Tara B | Teaching Voice Online

Tara pivots this week to chat specifically to voice teachers who have been affected by this COVID-19 time. She looks at different ways to help teachers transition into online teaching smoothly and with practical helps to get started. 

Online teaching can be a blessing to students who need the consistency and structure. It’s a way to continue that and the continuity with “seeing” your student and feeling connected to them. 

But it also can more time consuming for the teachers themselves. 

Platforms that you can teach online: 

Zoom. https://zoom.us/ 
Skype. https://www.skype.com/en/ 
Facetime for iPhone or iMac users 
Google Hangouts is for Android users 
Facebook Messenger 
MeetFox https://meetfox.com/en/features/ 

In your actual teaching: check angle, lighting and if you can see and hear each other comfortably. Be near your piano as well. Make sure you are planning out their lesson fully with all the tools they will need. 

How to prep accompaniments for students: 

  • Create mp3’s and send to student 
  • Find Youtube karaoke videos 
  • Apps that can be for accompanying: The Accompanist App, Piano Trax app 

You will also need copies of their music—scanned photos or pics from their phones. 

You will want to teach from a desktop, laptop or Ipad/Tablet. 

For scheduling, you can use these apps: 

Calendly —https://calendly.com/ 


For taking payments: 

Cash App 
MeetFox—through Stripe or PayPal 

Bandzoogle is a great website if you don’t have one set up yet: 



If students need an app for practicing, I highly recommend the Modacity App! 


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