Episode 039 | Tara B | Keeping Our Voice Healthy Through Wholistic Practices

We’ve talked often on this show about the health of our voice and the technique behind it. Today, Tara dives into the other parts of our life that can affect our vocal health and what to do about it. This includes foods to eat, those to avoid and other practices that we can add to our lives to keep our voices going strong. 

Building our immune system through: 

Good sleep 
A relaxed mindset 
Finding foods that don’t cause extra or thick mucus to our voices. 

Mucus can be heathy for our vocal tract and cords if it is clear and thin. 

What are foods that cause extra mucus? 

Bread, Pasta, Cereal 
Cabbage, Potatoes, Corn and corn products 
Soy products 
Anything with refined sugar—so any sweet desserts 
Drinks with caffeine—soda, coffee, tea 
Alcoholic drinks 
Fried foods 

The foods that can strip healthy mucus are oranges and orange juice. 

Foods that keep phlegm away: 

Spices like ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, chamomile, turmeric 
Meat like salmon, tuna, sardines, flounder, chicken 
Fruits you can have—lemons, limes, pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon, apples 
Beverages—decaf tea, herbal tea, chicken broth 
Pumpkin, seeds, watercress, celery, pickles, cucumbers, onions 
Raw honey, especially Manuka honey 

More helps for your voice: 

Cool mist humidifier 
Neti Poti for sinus cleansing 
Gargle with warm salt water 
Room temp water 
Vocaleze products 
Eucalyptus Oil 
Watch how you are talking—pay attention to not straining and take enough breaths. No vocal fry either. 

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