Episode 045 | Tara B | Exercises to Get a Consistent Sound in Your Voice

Ever feel like your voice has definite changes in it? That when you sing in different registers, they can sound very different from one another? Is it hard to switch between the chest and head voice or getting a mix in the middle? This episode Tara gives you lots of vocalises to help smooth those transitions and feel like your voice is one whole seamless voice. 

Having a seamless voice is: when our sound is similar throughout the entire range. 

It is when the singing sounds super easy, free and beautiful. 

How do we find this consistent voice? 

A lot has to do with developing both registers and also the combination of the mixed/middle voice. 

Exercises to help: 

  1. Play with your vocal sound and the different registers. 
  2. Relaxed throat: fog up your hand or blow out candles 
  3. Staccato exercise with squat: arpeggio on “ah” 
  4. Slide/siren going from top to bottom with moving your arm in the same motion 
  5. Bend over in an L shape and do a slide 1-8-1 
  6. Slide 1-3-5-3-1 using a zzz or a bzz 
  7. Use ee-ay-ah-oh-oo and use consonants Z, M or V—sing the same note 
  8. Do an arpeggio with a V7 coming down  on a “mm” or a “mee” 

Doing these exercises can help muscle memory to ensure the continuation of being consistent in your voice. 


If you want some more free helps for the voice, please click this link and grab  them allFREE Vocal helps


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  • donna rae walls
    donna rae walls UK
    These are great and fun exercises.

    These are great and fun exercises.

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