Episode 046 | Anaité Caycho | Finding Hope in Singing Again

Are you a person who just knew that you would be a singer? Or did it come later in life? Well, my special guest’s journey started as a wee child telling people that she wanted to sing. Here is her story from having that deep desire in her heart to how it came to be a real vocational pursuit! Her trek will inspire you! 

Anaité’s journey started as a little girl where she discovered the sound of singing with her voice! She had music as a part of her family—each of them had some love for music. But the culture of Peru was not geared towards music as a profession. 

Anaité started her adult journey by taking a performing arts study at the University. This degree was more about producing and being in plays, not necessarily music. Her time there led her to an exchange program in Albuquerque, NM. 

It was during her time in New Mexico that she delved into her passion of singing by taking as many classes related to it! 

Anaité had a wonderful teacher in Albuquerque who inspired her and helped her find her way back to singing as a profession! 

  • “I looked up to the sky…and I said, ‘God what do I want and what do You want me to do’?” 
  • “I just knew…I felt really strongly in my heart ‘I want to sing. I feel joy when I sing’!” 
  • “Go away ,society, that says I cannot sing!…I want to live full!” 

Anaité’s teachers introduced her to different parts of singing (including Speech Level Singing), gave her the gift of understanding what she wanted to do and taught her about vocal anatomy. 

Then, starting last year, Anaité ran into vocal issues and ill health with her voice. It caused her to not sing for 3 months. She ended up finding an otolaryngologist who helped her get to the root cause of her vocal troubles. 

She started making major changes, including how she ate, slept, getting vocal therapy and incorporating stretching and SOVT’s into her daily routine!! 

  • “If no one had listened to me, I wouldn’t have known. A good vocal coach is necessary!” 
  • “Had it not been for me not being able to sing, I would have never stopped and checked my pain.” 
  • “The SOVT’s have helped me to sing without straining myself.” 

The beauty is that Anaité found her singing voice again in a really healthy way! 

You can find Anaité on Instagram at: anaite.vocal.tips 

Her Spanish blog is: https://diariodeunacantante.wordpress.com 

If you want some more free helps for the voice, please click this link and grab  them all: https://tarab.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/4 

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