Episode 047 | Tara B | The Benefits of Singing

Today’s episode features many of the different and vast benefits there are with singing. From physical benefits to emotional, social and more, this is an episode for the people who like singing but don’t do much of it themselves. 

Physical Benefits of singing: 

  • Posture can be improved. 
  • spacecoastdaily.com says this about singing: “When you sing, you’re pushing a great deal of oxygen into your lungs, which can result in better blood flow throughout your body.” 
  • sciencedaily.com  “Singing for an hour was associated with significant reductions in the stress hormones, such as cortisol, and increases quantities of cytokines—proteins of the immune system—which can boost the body’s ability to fight serious illness.” 
  • Malcolm Hilton (an otolaryngologist) said they found that singing certain exercises every day helped strengthen the throat and palate muscles, which often cause snoring. (from dailymail.co.uk ) So, it can help sleep! 

Emotional/Psychological benefits of singing: 

When you sing, you feel better because of singing releases endorphins and oxytocin. 

Cognitive benefits of singing: 

  • Singing can help memory: More oxygen is delivered to the brain. They have found that with dementia patients, because of this, singing can improve concentration and memory recollection. 
  • Also, another benefit is increased concentration. 

Social benefits of singing: 

People want connection and singing gives people just that. It gives them a common goal and purpose. And they experience it together—the sound and the blending and the camaraderie! 

Spiritual benefits of singing: 

“Singing gives us permission to tell God our deepest struggles, hopes and desires. When we sing to Him, something happens in our spirit. We are changed, if only for a day.” 

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