Episode 51 | Tara B | 10 of The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Singing

In today’s episode, Tara looks at 10 different questions that vocalists frequently ask  about singing. She tackles each one in detail to help all of our listeners. 

  1. Can anyone learn to sing? Yes. It takes a willing spirit! 
  2. How do I sing louder? Resonance is the key to make sound with more volume. 
  3. Should I use my mouth or nose for breathing? As we let out our breath, it is more natural to inhale through our mouth. 
  4. Why do I run out of breath when I sing? Could be many reasons including shallow breath, not pacing your breath, letting out air to boldly, poor posture or pushing out your air. 
  5. Will I sound like an opera singer if I take voice lessons? No, if you sing without manipulations you will sound like yourself, which may or may not be in the range of opera singers. The most important thing is to sing healthy all around and know that your voice might sound different depending on the part of your range in which you are singing. 
  6. How do I find a voice teacher that is right for me? Important to look for someone that knows about the structure of the voice and yet whom you feel comfortable around. 
  7. How often should I take voice lessons? At first it’s probably wiser to take every week. You want to get in a habit and establish a routine. 
  8. How long will it take to hear results in my voice? It depends on your voice itself, your age, your willingness to learn, your commitment to practice, etc. Change happens slowly and incrementally. 
  9. Why does my voice seem great some days and then not so good the next? Your voice is affected by sleep, stress, food, climate and other circumstances just like the rest of your body. 
  10. Will you listen to me and tell me what you think about my voice? This is a question that is best answered by going to a voice teacher and getting a lesson. 

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