Episode 54 | Tara B with Lisa Gebhard | The Q and A for the Singer Enthusiast

In today’s episode, Tara gets put in the hot seat as Lisa Gebhard asks her unusual questions about the voice and singing! Nothing is off limits here and we talk everything from animals vocal folds to how does your nose fit into your singing sound? You will definitely gain some knowledge this episode! 

Lisa Gebhard (Tara’s cousin and content creator in her biz) sits down and asks many probing questions about the voice. 

The first question is “Can you sing with your voice and your nose?” This is in regards to hearing some French singers as well as country music. 

Tara answers with explaining about the vocal tract and the parts to it. 

The second question revolves around nature. Lisa asks “Do all living things have vocal folds?” 

For sure birds and mammals do and they utilize their whole body in sound. 

The third question is: “Is there a norm about how someone sounds when they hear their own voice?” 

We as people hear our voices both internally and externally. 

The fourth question is: Is the point of singing to be pleasing and what does that mean? 

Some factors are staying on pitch, having breath support and sounding like your natural self—for example, when you talk. Also, to make sure your voice has freedom. 

The fifth question is: What is happening with vibrato—how is it made and why? 

Vibrato comes from a relaxation of tension in the voice and supported by breath 

The sixth question is: Does the voice box move at all for vibrato? 

Tara addresses how the voice box needs to stay neutral. 

The  7th question is: What is going on with African American choirs and how they sing—especially with harmonies? 

The harmonies and style of how they sing can often be because of the culture people have grown up in and listened to—whether in church, family, etc. We all tend to emulate what we hear. 

“A key part of singing is paying attention, making those observations.” 

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