Episode 56 | Tiffany Van Boxtel | How to Find Vocal Training that Works

In today’s episode, Tara talks with singer/vocal coach Tiffany Van Boxtel all about training the voice and why it’s so helpful to have a plan. We also discuss the value of one-on-one trainings and letting them be a foundation for all that we build on vocally. 

Tiffany’s first love of music might be traced back to playing a monster game in elementary music where she got to express dynamics of music. And then she had her first solo volunteering to sing "O Come O Come Emmanuel”  for the Christmas program. 

Tiffany originally wanted to be a choir teacher, but ended up being drawn to private voice teaching. 

“It’s great there’s free information out there but it really makes people think that they can do it themselves and it really sets them up for failure when they can’t.” 

We chatted that people sometimes get freaked out by “formal training”. But having a one on one actual voice teacher is the way to be a solo singer  and improve yourself. 

Tiffany said that the biggest thing that tends to stop people from taking voice is time and money! But she also talked about that being a professional singer requires you to have that time commitment and money to invest in your profession. 

She talked about how focused technique training 10-15 minutes 3-4 days a week can really help singers get where they need to go! 

When people say they don’t have time to practice, it’s usually because they: 

  • Don’t know what to practice or 
  • Don’t know how to practice 

When people don’t get results, they usually don’t want to train or keep training. 

Helping people get extra feedback and then helping them listen back on their own can be the key to guidance from a vocal teacher. Teachers can help them observe and notice what is going on in small concepts. 

Tiffany has her group called “The Star Singer Green Room” where people go through different stages of singing starting with a foundational stage. 

You can get ahold of Tiffany here: https://www.starsinger.co/singnow 

Or through her podcast: The Star Singer Podcast 

Her Instagram handle is: https://www.instagram.com/tiffanyvanboxtel/ 

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