Episode 57 | Tara B | 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Songs to a Performance Level

In today’s episode, Tara focuses on why it’s good to work on a song until it’s ready for a performance, instead of just stopping when you are only halfway through the process. Listen to today’s episode for the reasons why this can become your practice! 

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Have you ever had a teacher who only works with technique or only works with the phrasing  and because of their one focus, you miss the time to get to the level of a song where you could perform it at a concert? 

What makes up working on a song? 

  • Melody 
  • Words, including a foreign language 
  • Dynamics 
  • Phrasing 
  • Emoting 
  • Tempo/Rhythms 
  • Technique—like breath management, the passaggio, range, vibrato, no tension in places like jaw, neck, shoulders, larynx relaxed and more 

Why is it important to have these concert ready? 

  1. Shooting for a goal. Looking for an end result. 
  2. It can build our repertoire. 
  3. To be able to do something at a higher polished level so confidence is built. 
  4. To have the satisfaction of completing something and feeling fulfilled. 

“Working through an entire song to get it to the level of performance can cause you to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone.” 

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