Episode 59 | Tara B | 8 Must Have Tips for Singing in a Studio

In today’s episode, Tara dives into the world of studio singing. She talks about 8 helps that can make your experience as a singer be fun and productive, instead of having fear or feeling frustrated. Tara’s knowledge of the studio comes from much experience and she wants singers to enjoy this platform, whether it’s their first time or 25th time in the studio! 

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My background of studio singing includes, solo singing, singing with a band, background singing, voice overs for commercials, radio intros/outros, and doing some instrumentals as well. It started with humble beginnings as a child with my family being recorded via a tape recorder. And then grew into all these forms through the years! 

Here are some tips to help you be at your best in the studio: 

  1. Be prepared solidly with the song you are going to sing. Know your music well. 
  2. Practice singing with a metronome so you are ready to sing with a click track. 
  3. Be mindful of your breath management—where you breathe, how you pace yourself and making sure your notes are supported. 
  4. Make sure your voice is warmed up throughout your ranges so you are ready to sing. 
  5. Have water and a green apple ready to eat to make sure your throat is hydrated and that you don’t have too much mucous. 
  6. When you are singing with headphones, use one ear on and one off to get a natural sound. Remember your voice will be “dry” (without effects). 
  7. “Punching in” is when you are going to sing just a certain part that you have already sung, but need to fix something on it. You may be given a few measures to hear before the line that you “punch in” on. 
  8. Be intentional about singing with emotion and energy so that what is recorded sounds like the excitement that you would feel with an audience. 

Also, don’t worry about getting the perfect take of a song. We often have the best take in some of the first ones we sing! 

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