Episode 62 | Tara B | Six Ways to Get Motivated for Practicing Voice

If you struggle with finding time or motivation to practice voice, Tara has you covered in today’s episode. She brings you 6 ways to help you get motivated and stay motivated so you don’t just let your singing voice get out of shape. Practicing voice doesn’t have to be a negative or hard task! 

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Some reasons people don’t practice voice: 

  • You think it will take too much time. 
  • You may not know what to focus on or have too many songs. 
  • You may not have an end goal in mind. 

Here are some possible ways to help with motivation: 

  1. Get practice apps or journals ready to go. Put out music on a stand or near where you practice. 
  2. Schedule your practice—could be Reminders on iPhone or Google Calendar. 
  3. Book a concert or go LIVE on social media. 
  4. Focus on one song and just some aspect of the song. 
  5. Take lessons or masterclasses (group lessons). Invest your money and time. 
  6. Set a reachable goal for that practice. 

Do you love your voice? Then practice is a way to take care of it! 

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