Episode 64 | Tara B | Should a Singer Use Auto-tune?

Auto-tune has been used in music circles for over 20 years as an audio processor for the voice to help keep it in tune. The question for today’s show is: should it be used by singers in their studio recordings and in live recordings if they are professional singers?This question Tara addresses and gives some insight into finding the answer based on what our voices are capable of doing. 

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What is auto-tune? An audio voice processor. 

Auto-tune was created in 1997 to “disguise or correct off key inaccuracies”. 

“Effects in the studio can be used to enhance.” It can make something interesting, creative, different or beautiful. 

There can be several  reasons why people don’t sing in pitch: 

  • Singing might not come naturally, maybe they don’t learn it or maybe they don’t take the time to learn it.
  • People might also have pitch problems from a lack of great breath support.
  • Or they might have laryngitis. 

Solutions to pitch problems: 

  1. Ear training. It can help people learn the details of a pitch—how far apart it is from another pitch and if it’s higher or lower. 
  2. If you might sing flat or sharp, it’s often a lack of consistent breath support and maintenance. So making sure you are giving great steady air flow and air speed are the key to holding a pitch accurately. 
  3. Listening to music often or playing an instrument can help with getting you used to the right pitches. 

So, should Auto-tune be used in the studio to correct pitch? 

  • If you are a professional singer, it seems you should be able to support pitch consistently without using Auto-tune. Since your voice is capable of it, then learning how to do it well is necessary. 


  • If you can’t sing with great pitch in the studio where you can do more than one take, how will you sing in tune for a live performance? You have to be able to sing accurately during a concert so that people enjoy you and see your professionalism. It’s a skill set you need to have. 


  • Also singing with other people and blending—such as choirs, bands, worship teams and more—requires the ability to have good pitch! 

“Auto-tune is not going to encourage us to learn the best way to sing in tune consistently!” 

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