Episode 69 | Tara B | What Every Singer Should Know About Parts of the Voice pt 3

Tara continues the final part three of delving into some basic definitions and terms that make up parts of singing. This week she focuses on the breath—the foundation behind the singing. She breaks down each part to give singers more confidence in exploring their own voice and the physical parts of their body that make up the singing voice. 

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What parts work with breathing? 

Lungs, voice box, diaphragm, and the muscles surrounding the lungs. 

(From Britannica online:

The lungs maintain equilibrium of atmospheric air pressure. 

Breath can be both voluntary and involuntary. 

The Diaphragm

A dome shaped muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. It helps the lungs expand and contract. 

Abdominal muscles help with exhalation and support—the transverse abdomenis and the obliques. 

The Intercostal muscles surround the rib cage inside and outside: external, internal and innermost. 

The lower back muscles: quadratus lumborum and the psoas major help with exhalation and allow the rib cage to drop lower. (From singwise.com The Anatomy of the Voice). 

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