Episode 74 | Tara B | Tips for Surviving Chronic Pain While Performing

Tara shares from personal experience how to deal with pain while singing and performing. For those who struggle with ongoing pain, it can be a devastating thing to have to perform but there is hope and a way to get through the event and still take care of your body. Today’s episode focuses on some tips that may help. 

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Some possible tips to help: 

  1. Drinking lots of water is always good for the body. 
  2. Resting as much as possible before and after the performance is needed by the body. 
  3. Plan a concert that will have less stress—-maybe include instrumentals or just pacing your whole concert with less high energy songs. 
  4. Choosing to not engage with the audience before or after the performance will help you conserve energy that’s needed for the performance. 
  5. Take time after a performance to rest again to fill up energy that was depleted. Give yourself permission to rest. 
  6. Utilize a foam roller or something else to stretch your body to help relieve tightness of pain. 
  7. When loading or unloading sound equipment or instruments, doing so in ways that create good alignment so your body doesn’t get further injuries in the process. 
  8. Planning accompaniments with less busyness if you play an instrument and have pain is essential. 
  9. Not taking long gigs or many of them in one day to reserve your body’s energy and ability to perform can be a great choice to make. 
  10. Make sure that you have enough breaks in your concert—either between songs or between sets. 

“Ultimately you want to have longevity in playing so you can’t push your body—it will only get worse!” 

“Lowering your expectations of how you perform…be okay with it. Give yourself grace. Because you can’t perform at your best when you have pain.” 

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